In iOS 11, Apple’s latest operating system for its devices. Apple has equipped for iOS 11 a lot of useful features. However, a lot of features have annoyed the user.


Every time Apple launches new operating system, new updates. Apple users are concerned and do not want to upgrade. They are concerned about the stability of the new operating system. Is the new operating system stable? How effective. The battery life is long. The new operating system is faulty.

Users often seek information about their upgrades before they make an upgrade.

Follow me. IOS 10 works quite stable.

1. The first is the problem with turning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In earlier versions of the iOS operating system. We can completely turn off Wi-Fi in the Control Center. But on iOS 11, you can temporarily turn off Wi-Fi. After turning off the screen then turn it back on to the main screen. Wi-Fi will automatically
reconnect. Wi-Fi is always on to serve some of the features of iOS 11. This wastes battery life on the iPhone. Users often swipe from the bottom to turn off Wi-Fi to save battery power. To completely turn off Wi-Fi, the user must go to the setting to turn off. This makes a lot of users uncomfortable and uncomfortable. In return, users can turn on mobile data in the Control Center.

2. 32-bit apps do not work on iOS 11.

Prior to the release of iOS 11. Apple informed developers that their application would not run if the software version was 32-bit. In the next version of iOS, 32-bit software will no longer be available. There are many users not upgrading to iOS 11 because it feels quite confusing. If you want your software to run on iOS 11 software developers need to adjust the software to 64-bit.

3. Apple removed Night Shift feature?

No, Apple does not remove the Night Shift feature. But installing this feature requires more steps. The Night Shift feature has no independent button in the Control Center. To use Night Shift you need to press the slider to adjust the brightness.

4. Facebook and Twitter are not built-in.

In previous OS versions. Apple has built-in Facebook and Twitter software. Users do not need to install to use Facebook. Now to use Facebook and Twitter you need to install them in the App store.

5. Ads automatically run in the App store.

Default in iOS 11. When opening the App Store, ads will automatically run despite the user does not want. To turn off auto-running ads, you can go to settings, in the iTunes & App Store section, to turn off auto-play videos.