Today, the wave of complaints about the update to iOS 11.0.3 spread widely on social networks. Overwhelmed on Apple’s support site. Apple users are crying after upgrading to iOS 11.


In my opinion, iOS 10 is quite stable. But Apple’s latest update to iOS 11.0.3 has resulted in many bugs. Many new features, but also many features make the user feel uncomfortable.

Since the launch of iOS 11, it has often been bugged. Apple is constantly launching patches. In just one month, Apple has released three patches. But Apple “patched the bug”. Not only did not patch the error but also added errors.

Like previous upgrades. After upgrading to iOS 11 device wear out more battery, running slower. If in other versions, after upgrading about 1 week. The situation will be lost. But currently on iOS 11 not overcome.

On the Apple support site. Most users complain about battery life. Not only that, the features are buggy like Bluetooth or Touch ID. The device is not operating properly.

  • One user shared. They charge 3 times a day after upgrading to iOS 11.
  • IOS 11 is a disaster. After upgrading, his iPhone could not boot up.
  • A user encounters a phone error that turns itself off even though the battery is dead.
  • Another user said. Equipment is slow. Application Hanging. Low battery life. The Bluetooth function on the car does not work. Touch ID at idle time. Generally, there are many errors.
  • My experience after upgrading to iOS 11 is: turn off then turn it back on. The applet starts to turn off, then reboots. The machine is unusually hot.
  • A friend of mine said. After upgrading to iOS 11.0.3, his phone is constantly cloudy.

There is no information for the new patch.

As analyzed from SaaS. Analytical data on over 50,000 iPhones shows. All those upgraded to iOS 11 have battery life reduced by at least 50%.

According to Wandera analysis, the battery life of iOS 11 is much lower than iOS 10.

Currently, users can not downgrade to iOS 10. They must accept to use iOS 11.

However, devices from iPhone 7 or below are new. IPhone 8 or higher does not generate any errors. Does Apple want to quickly remove old devices?

But do not worry, iOS 11.0.4 patches will be released in the next few days. There is a beta test of iOS 11.1 beta. Maybe next month Apple will officially release iOS 11.1. This version will patch KRACK Wi-Fi, in addition to many other features.